Printed Heat Transfer Vinyl


Lines Yellow Red & Blue
Sunflowers Cow Serape
Spring Flower
Leopard Collage White
Leopard Collage Dark
Plaids & Leopard Mix 2
Plaids & Leopard Mix 2
Leopard Brush White
Leopard Brush
Vibrant Roses
Spring Flowers
Mermaid Spectrum
Rainbow Flag
American Flag
American Flag Dirty
American Flag Broken
Roses Flower White
Water Colors Pink Flowers
Roses Mix
Water Flower Pretty
Sun Flowers White
Sunflowers Black
Christmas Plaid Green & Black
Watercolors Bulls Skulls Flowers
Marijuana Leaf
Camouflage Green
Camouflage Blue
Red Fire
Pink Flowers
Leopard Imitation
Blue Fire
Watercolor Multicolors
Tie Dye 2
Tie Dye 2
Stripes Straight Black
Straight Lines Yellow Orange & Red
Spectrum Color
Spectrum Colors
Serape Green
Roses Flower Dark
Ribbon & Heart
Christmas Plaid Red & Black
Plaid Burby
Plaid Black & White
Orange Gradient
Mix Colors
Mermaid Water Mix Colors
Lego Colors

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Printed Heat Transfer Vinyl

Cutable Area: 12″ x 36″

45° or 60° angle blade

*Hot fix tape and squeege is required

Instructions: HowTo Video

1. Place printed side up, DO NOT MIRROR design.

2. Weed excess material.

3. Apply application tape and use squeege to ensure full contact with vinyl and application tape.

4. Peel carrier off from application tape so you should only have your design(vinyl) on application tape.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 3 in

Lines Yellow Red & Blue, Sunflowers Cow Serape, Spring Flower, Leopard Collage White, Leopard Collage Dark, Plaids & Leopard Mix 2, Plaids & Leopard Mix 2, Leopard Brush White, Leopard Brush, Vibrant Roses, Cactus, Spring Flowers, Mermaid Spectrum, Rainbow Flag, Galaxy, American Flag, American Flag Dirty, American Flag Broken, Roses Flower White, Water Colors Pink Flowers, Roses Mix, Water Flower Pretty, Sun Flowers White, Sunflowers Black, Christmas Plaid Green & Black, Watercolors Bulls Skulls Flowers, Leopard, Marijuana Leaf, Camouflage Green, Camouflage Blue, Autism, Red Fire, Pink Flowers, Leopard Imitation, Blue Fire, Watercolor Multicolors, Tie Dye 2, Tie Dye 2, Stripes Straight Black, Straight Lines Yellow Orange & Red, Spectrum Color, Spectrum Colors, Serape, Serape Green, Roses Flower Dark, Ribbon & Heart, Christmas Plaid Red & Black, Plaid Burby, Plaid Black & White, Orange Gradient, Mix Colors, Mermaid Water Mix Colors, Lego Colors, Flag Dirty Rally, Camouflage Autism, Camo Tree Dry Leaves, Cactus, Bluebonnet, Blue Gradient, Bandana Blue, Bandana Blue Mint, Bandana Black & White, $100 Bill


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