SubliFlock Heat Transfer Vinyl


12 inches
1 yard
5 yards

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SubliFlock Heat Transfer Vinyl

12 x 17.25 “small sheet

17.25 x 36 “yard

45 ° or 60 ° angled blade

Textile vinyl, ideal for t-shirts.

Lightweight tack carrier.

310ºF (155ºC)

5-10 seconds of warm hot peel

Sublimate in the Top

375ºF  (190ºC)

60 seconds of warm hot peel


How to use Flock HTV Sublimation and Sublimation Fabric

Do NOT cut “Flock HTV Sublimation and Sublimation Fabric” in mirror mode!

You must peel the vinyl and place it on the garment on the side that contains the glue down onto the garment (glue is glossy side).

Use the test cut first before continuing.



When sublimating, mirror your image on the computer (or printer settings) and print design onto sublimation paper.

First, press the sublimation flock at 310 degrees for 10 seconds when placing it on the shirt. Use low pressure!

Second, after pressing the flock/fabric, press the sublimated paper (align your design correctly) onto the flock/fabric.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 3 in

12 inches, 1 yard, 5 yards


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